Hello and welcome to Wild Heart Reiki!

I'm so happy you're here to check things out. My name is Nancy Guerrera and I am the devoutly practicing human being and soul creator behind this operation. 



Wild Heart Reiki is an extension of my heart's desire to create a place of healing, a roadside rest stop on this spiritual journey called life, where you can show up exactly "as is" and be welcomed and seen as the shining star-filled magical being you are.

To your "lowest", struggling, road weary, cussing, fighting self and your "highest", passion filled, equanimous, love fueled guru self and every self  in between, I say, "come on in this house!" In my eyes, they are equally important friends, teachers and allies. One way I define healing is the practice of radical self-acceptance, loving ourselves for all of our humanness not in spite of it. That is where some serious magic occurs!


My approach:

I do not believe you are broken or that you need fixing. I believe that sometimes we just have trouble seeing and connecting to our light and life force. We are humans and forget that we are full of infinite power to create love, connection, health, well-being, happiness and a life beyond our wildest dreams. In truth, all the wisdom, power and guidance we need to become our most vibrant selves is within, sometimes we just need some help to access it. This is where I come in!

The tools and modalities that I'm honored and inspired to share are the same ones that have supported me the most in my life. Most use Reiki as the foundation and the different services I offer combine practices such as shamanic journeying and drums/singing bowls/song/sound to connect you to all the forces in the universe that are here to support you out of pure benevolence and unconditional love. They allow that source energy to refuel your spirit, mind and body, help you see and celebrate your light and become the most vibrant expression of that. That's what I call, "living with all your heart".  

I believe that our body, mind and spirit are all one. So, whether the concerns you're seeking support with are expressing themselves physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, the beauty of  Reiki and what I offer, is that it inherently meets you where you are and directs energy where it is most needed to serve you for your highest good. At the core, it's restoring you to your unique energetic flow and natural cycles of rest, growth, release and rebirth.

I invite you to explore these heart centered energy experiences with me and awaken to your soul's innate wisdom for healing and guidance. 

Have questions? Please email me to learn more (nancy@wildheartreiki.com) or, go to the Contact page to set up a free initial consultation if you'd like to schedule a time to chat! I look forward to connecting with you.